Click to Call (click-2-call, click-to-dial, click-to-call-out, click-to call-in, call-me-now, etc.) feature allows your end user to make a call and connect to your call center person with help of click of button on your website or app. so you end user dont need to dial call.

Why use click-to-call?

EndUser (Your customers) are always visite website with lots of query in their mind. You website content some time not sufficient to convience end user. So in this case he/she can use click to call feature on your site to connect to your company call center, without dialing any number.

EndUser will provide phone number and press Call Me!! button on your website/app. This is very simple step from the EndUser perspective.

Click-to-call is three step process.

Step 1

EndUser enter their phone number on your website/app. and click Call Me Button.

Step 2

Your web application make a Voice Call request to Tiniyo.

Step 3

Tiniyo initiate call to EndUser and Customer service agent. Bridge that call.

After this high level three steps EndUser and Customer service agent are in conversation. and Agent can explain your product/services. and convert that customer in valuable customer.

Details click-to-call

Above three stpes are very high level. but detail required following 7 steps. following sequence diagram will helps you in more understaning.

Step 4 in above seven step required your application to return Dial element of TinyXML. This has phone numbers of your customer service agent phone number.