Faichi (A SakSoft Company) drupal OTP Login module allows user to register/login to a Drupal site by using mobile number/OTP sent to the provided mobile number. This module can be used with SMS Framework module of drupal and allow using configured gateway to send OTP message by email or SMS. It is further customised to use Tiniyo API’s to send OTP as SMS message, Voice calls or both.


Once the module is installed in your drupal development environment, a link OTP Login Settings will appear on /admin/config page under People.


Go to /admin/config/people/otp_login to configure OTP login related settings.

  1. Enable 'Activate OTP Login' to enable OTP login.
  2. Choose OTP Platform. This module supports more than one platforms.
  3. SMS Framework : with SMS framework, you can use any supported gateway to send OTP.
  4. Tiniyo API : Using Tiniyo API you can send OTP over SMS and Voice calls.
  • You can use Tiniyo API to send OTP over SMS or Voice Call. For this, you need to do below mentioned configurations.
  1. Enter 'Tiniyo Key (AuthID)'.
  2. Enter ‘Tiniyo Secret (AuthSecretID)’.
  3. Choose how you want to send OTP. Through SMS, Voice call or Both.
  4. Choose length of OTP.

Note: 'Tiniyo Key (AuthID)' and 'Tiniyo Secret (AuthSecretID)' can be found under

https://tiniyo.com/accounts/home when you are logged in.

  1. If you want to purge users who have been blocked / not logged-in for a specific number of days, enable the provided checkbox and enter number of days.
  2. If you want to purge blocked / never logged-in users at any moment, click on tab 'OTP login - purge users' (/admin/config/people/otp_login/user_purge) and press button 'Purge users'.

Place the 'OTP login link' block:

Go to '/admin/structure/block' and place 'OTP login link' block to your preferred region.

The link block will be shown only to anonymous users and if 'Activate OTP Login' is enabled.

The above instructions are related to Tiniyo API only. You can check modules readme.txt or project page on drupal.org for full details.