A one-time password (OTP) is an automatically generated number with length of 4 or 8. It is used to authenticate and verify users identity before signup or during transaction in an app/website. Used by businesses to ensure a secure user flow, an OTP SMS service provider tiniyo ensures timely delivery of these messages.

OTP Verification is TWO step process.


Your end user add mobile number to your app/website. Your webserver will call tiniyo verification API to send otp number over SMS or Voice.


Your end user will receive OTP over the SMS. if it failed then will receice over Voice Call. On Answering voice call OTP will be played by tiniyo services to callee. Your end user listen to OTP and submit it to your app/website.

Your server will call OTP VerificationCheck API to verify user.

Try Tiniyo OTP Verification api

Without writing single line of code you can verify these api @ Try Tiniyo Verification API