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Let me ask you a quick question before you hit the send button on your perfectly crafted SMS campaign - Have you branded your SMS so that when the recipient gets your SMS, they see your company's name? If your answer is no, do yourself a favour and keep reading (you can thank me later). The feature that enables you to personalise a SMS with your brand or company name is called a Sender ID. When you send a one-way SMS, you either have the option of using a shared number or a custom Sender ID. I'll show you two text messages and let you decide which SMS would you prefer receiving (and reading).

Can a Sender ID include both alphabets and numbers?
Yes, a Sender ID can be alphanumeric with a character limit of 11. So you have the freedom of choosing a combination of alphabets (A-Z) and numbers (0-9).Some countries require Sender ID six character alphabets only.

Do I need to register my Sender ID?
Most of countries require that the Sender ID be registered with the mobile network operator(s) before you start using it in your SMS campaigns while other countries do not have such restrictions in place. The registration is a fairly simple process and the best part is we do it for you so just sit back and relax. Call us and we'll let you know if you need to register a Sender ID for your desired country.

How much does a Sender ID cost?
The cost of a Sender ID depends from country to country. In some countries, you are required to pay a monthly fee or prepay for a year. While in others, the Sender ID is dynamic, which means you can start using it from the get go. Like I mentioned above, give us a call or email( and we'll enlighten you.